The Embassy of Cuba in the Netherlands Commemorates the Second Anniversary of the Passing of the Historic Leader of the Cuban Revolution Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz

La ocasión fue propicia para la presentación de un compendio de varios artículos sobre la vida y el pensamiento del Comandante en Jefe, traducidos al neerlandés y  publicados en el periódico The Manifest, principal órgano de prensa del Nuevo Partido Comunista Holandés (NPCH), durante el 2018,  que incluyó el histórico discurso del Comandante en 1992 en la Cumbre de la Tierra, en Río de Janeiro.

Embassy of Cuba in the Kingdom of the Netherlands Celebrates the 92nd Anniversary of the Birthday of Fidel Castro

En el acto participaron diplomáticos de la hermana República Bolivariana de Venezuela, miembros del Nuevo Partido Comunista Holandés (NCPN), de la Juventud Comunista de Holanda del Sur, miembros de la solidaridad, incluida una representación de la asociación de etio-cubanos en Holanda  y cubanos residentes.

Tribute to Fidel on his 91th birthday in New Zealand

Auckland, 13 August 2017. - A ceremony held to honour Fidel Castro´s legacy on his 91st anniversary, took place at the headquarters of Unite Union in this city.

Luis Casares, a Cuban resident in New Zealand and member of the Auckland Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS), kicked off the event, highlighting the struggle for social justice, as one of the fundamental principles that guided the ideas and actions of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, whom he also described as a tireless fighter who has served as an example to the progressive and left wing forces around the world.

Friends of Cuba in India paid tribute Fidel Castro.

New Delhi, August 13, 2017. The Committee of Solidarity with Cuba, in coordination with the Embassy of this country, organized in India an act to honor the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz, on the occasion of the 91st anniversary of his birth .

In the emotional meeting, members of solidarity and the Communist Parties of India, recalled the struggle of the Cuban people under the guidance of Fidel and repudiated the permanence of the US blockade against the island.

Highlighted in Mongolia the thought of the Cuban leader Fidel Castro

Ulaanbaatar, May 3, 2017. A conference about the thought of Fidel Castro Ruz and his Influence on the Cuban diplomacy was held at the School of International Relations and Public Administration of the National University of Mongolia this morning. This conference was imparted by Cuban Ambassador Raul Delgado Concepcion as part of the well-deserved homage and remembrance of the figure of Fidel and the validity of his ideas in Cuban foreign policy.

Tribute to Comrade Fidel in Philippines

Malaysia, January 25th - The Philippines-Cuba Cultural and Friendship Association paid tribute to the Commander-in-Chief in Manila on January 19.

As part of the event, Francisco Nemenzo, president of the solidarity organization, expressed his views on Fidel's life and the contribution he made to the world in defending social justice and the right to the self-determination of peoples.

Closed photography exhibition on Fidel at University Help College

Kuala Lumpur, January 25th - An exhibition of 31 photos of Fidel Castro's life was closed today at Help College University in Malaysia.

The exhibition was opened by university students on November 28th 2016, three days after the physical disappearance of the Cro. Fidel to the initiation of the Director of the institution, Dr. Yeoh Wei Choong, to pay homage through it of a "world-class leader" as Choong described it in his closing speech.


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