Cuba in Finland

Cuban music is "Baila Baila" from Finland

Baila baila

The Cuban Ambassador, Beatriz Parra González, and Consul Adalberto Ávila Parra arrived this Wednesday afternoon at the "Baila Baila" school, who were received by Miguel Sanz, its founder, a Cuban who has lived in this Nordic nation for 30 years.

Sovereign Cuba is fighting against the condemned embargo

Plaza de la Revolución

The embargo on Cuba imposed by the United States, that has lasted for more than 60 years, will not stop the development of Cuban socialism, as the people strongly support the revolution that has brought the people in the control of the country. The embargo still poses significant challenges and difficulties to society. Communist Youth of Finland sees the need to strengthen international solidarity in order to end the imperialist and criminal embargo. 

“One Limited Step in the Right Direction” Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba.


Today, the government of the United States announced several measures, which are positive but of a very limited scope, regarding Cuba associated to the granting of visas, regular migration, flights to Cuban provinces, remittances and adjustments to the regulations governing transactions with the non-state sector. Taking into account the nature of such measures, it would be possible to identify some of the promises made by President Biden during the electoral campaign of 2020 to alleviate the inhumane decisions adopted by President Trump’s administration, which tightened the blockade to unprecedented levels and increased the “maximum pressure” policy applied ever since against our country.

Cuba receives accompaniment from Finland after accident at the Saratoga Hotel


Numerous samples of accompaniment received the Embassy of Cuba in this capital after the accident at the Saratoga Hotel that cost the lives of more than 44 people and left many injured, as well as considerable material losses. In the midst of the pain that Cuba was experiencing, condolences were received from members of the diplomatic corps, friends of solidarity and Cubans living in this Nordic region. In the messages, the deep feeling that also ran through the Island could be perceived.

Ambassador of Cuba highlights strengths of Cuban tourism

On this Friday, the Cuban ambassador, Beatriz Parra González, held a meeting with Olga Petreviča, administrative director of the Latvian "Atlantic Travel" agency. During the exchange, the Cuban diplomat referred to the strengths that the country has to receive tourists, after the control of the Covid-19 pandemic with its own vaccines developed by the country.