Cuba in Finland

Grandson of the Finnish mambí Lieutenant Fabian Fagerman is received at the Cuban Embassy


During a very special meeting, the Ambassador of Cuba, Beatriz Parra González, received Mr. Peter Fagerman, grandnephew of Fabian Fagerman, a Finnish citizen who joined the Liberation Army of Cuba between 1995 and 1998, under the command of Brigadier General Enrique Loynaz del Castillo. In the exchange, the original and perfectly preserved document was shown that reflects the granting of the "Independence Medal" delivered by the then President of the Republic of Cuba, Mario García Menocal, with which Lieutenant Fabian Fagerman is recognized for providing his services in the Cuban War of Independence. The Ambassador invited Sr. Peter to share the story at the upcoming celebration of the 95th Anniversary of the Establishment of Relations between Cuba and Finland, due to its extraordinary relevance for the ties between both nations and their peoples.

Embassy awards recognition to little Cuban-Finnish winner of the "Cuba Va Mí" painting contest


The little Cuban-Finnish girl Ella María Kalliainen received recognition this Saturday for being the winner of the "Cuba Va en Mí" contest organized by the Embassy of Cuba in Finland in the context of the celebration in Cuba of the IV Conference for the Nation and Emigration. Ambassador Beatriz Parra González highlighted that the girl highlighted in her works symbols that unite Cuba and Finland, while erasing all the distances between both countries, which this year celebrates 95 years of the establishment of their bilateral relations.

Finnish friends from Turku received update information on the impact of the blockade to Cuba


It is always a pleasure to return to Turku, on this occasion to attend the meeting of the Asociation Finland-Cuba. Members of Cuban Embassy participated in the presentation of the Cuban film "Inocencia" an opportunity in wich Ambassador Beatriz Parra González talked about the Island history and current events, and also shared updated information related to the effects of the genocide US embargo against our country. The Embassy received a donation of some cleaning and medical supplies destined to our country. Thanks to the friends of Turku for such a nice and important opportunity, and specially for their solidary love to Cuba.

Cuba and Finland called to strengthen bilateral ties

Havana, Apr 5 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban government ratified the will to continue strengthening cooperation and friendship ties with Finland, on the occasion of today's 95th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, an official source published.

In its profile on X, the Cuban Foreign Ministry highlighted the fact that this is a long-standing relationship, based on mutual respect, bilateral cooperation and constant inter-chancellery rapprochement.

Long live Cuba! - SKP declaration against the blockade


The embargo maintained by the United States against Cuba is a cruel crime that ignores the right of a people to build their own future. The trade embargo not only causes suffering to the Cuban people, but also makes it difficult for the country to develop and reach its full potential. In addition to opposing the economic war condemned by the international community, it is important to recognize Cuba's achievements and efforts for well-being and human rights, as well as the country's significant contribution to international aid and solidarity work. The district organization of the SKP (Suomen Kommunistinen Puolue) in Uusimaa shows its permanent support for the Cuban people and socialism.