Cuba in Guyana

Guyana celebrates 54th Republic Anniversary.

Guyana, Georgetown, February 25th, 2024. The Embassy of Cuba wishes the government and the people of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana a happy celebration of the 54th year as a Republic, in peace, prosperity and development. The anniversary took place February 23.

Women's Progressive Organization of Guyana receives Cuban diplomats.

Guyana,Georgetown, February 13th,2024. On February 13, 2024, the Cuban Embassy in Guyana met with the Women's Progressive Organization (WPO), an organization that turned 70 years old in 2023, after its founding by former President Janet Jagan, wife of former President Cheddi. The meeting took place at the “Red House”, which was the residence of the former President and is now the Research Center of the same name, and was attended by WPO executives, including WPO’s leader Indranie Chandarpal.


Universities of Guyana and Cuba agree to cooperate

Guyana, Georgetown, February 9th, 2024. On the occasion of participating in the XIV International Higher Education Congress “University 2024”, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Dr. Paloma Mohamed Martin, signed Memorandums of Understanding with the Chancellor of the University of Havana, Dr. Miriam Nicado García, and with Cuban Universities of Medical Arts and Sciences. Additional meetings are also planned with other Cuban centers of higher education.

Guyana conmemorates the 171st Anniversary of the birth of the National Hero of Cuba José Martí

Guyana, Georgetown, January 27, 2024. Cubans residing in Guyana, friends of Solidarity, young Guyanese who studied in Cuba, and members of the Medical Brigade, participated in the tribute to José Martí on the occasion of commemorating the 171st Anniversary of his birth, January 28. In the activity, Martí's ideology and its importance for unity, humanist development, solidarity, internationalism and anti-imperialism from Cuba and particularly from our Latin American and Caribbean region were highlighted.

Cuban beekeepers begin cooperation in Guyana.

Guyana, Georgetown, February 2nd, 2024. The Cuban technical team is led by Dr. Mario Octavio Ferrán Hernandez and met with the Guyanese Ministry of Agriculture to begin the training of Guyanese beekeepers and veterinarians, the creation of apiaries, and the management of bees to increase honey production in Guyana. Cuba and Guyana signed the agreement for agricultural cooperation in October 2023.