Cuba in Guyana

38 new graduates from the Cuban Medicine School in Guyana

Georgetown, July 12th, 2017

The 2016-2017 school year ended in Guyana and another group of Caribbean, African and Asian students from the Medical career were graduated under the guidance of Cuban doctors.

Up to now, about 790 Guyanese students benefited from the Scholarship Program granted by Cuba have been graduated as medical doctors.

Declaration of the 15th Meeting of the ALBA-TCP Political Council

Let us defend the sovereignty, independence and peace of Venezuela and the whole of Latin America

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Declaration of the 15th Meeting of the ALBA-TCP Political Council

We, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance of Latin America - People's Trade Treaty, at the 15th meeting of its Political Council in Havana:


The Heads of State and Government of Latin America and the Caribbean, gathered in
the Dominican Republic, on occasion of the Fifth Summit of the Community of Latin
American and Caribbean States (CELAC), on January 25, 2017;
1. Reaffirm our commitment to the consolidation of Latin America and the Caribbean as
a “Zone of Peace,” proclaimed during the II CELAC Summit held in Havana, Cuba,
on January 29th, 2014, which includes the commitment of the States of the region to