A group of Cuban health workers in Trinidad and Tobago receive an emotional farewell ceremony

Port of Spain, October 28. - An important group of about 90 health collaborators working in Trinidad and Tobago completed their mission in the Trinidadian territory, which served as a call for a political - cultural event in which both collaborators and Trinidadians had the opportunity to thank each other for the support received in the last four years. The event was chaired by Cuban Ambassador Guillermo Vázquez Moreno and Dr. Laura González Valdés, head of the Medical Brigade in the Caribbean country.

Cuban Ambassador presents the Cuba’s reality to a group of Danes in Randers

Gathering of the Cuban Ambassador in Demark with a group of Danes in Randers

The Ambassador of Cuba in Denmark, Yiliam Gómez Sardiñas, had a gathering on January 14 with a group of Danes from the city of Randers who are interested in knowing about the Cuban reality, and particularly about the development of the health system in the Island. The group of Danes will travel next February to Cuba, with the support of the Danish-Cuban Association of Friendship. (Embacuba Dinamarca)


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