Cuba in Indonesia

Is made known in Indonesia Raúl's denouncement on the 8th. Congress to the largest and unequal US economic war against Cuba



Jakarta, April 18- Under the title: “Raúl Castro: The United States is the greatest threat to world peace and security”, the Bahasa-language newspaper, Rmol_id, published an article highlighting what was expressed by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, during the opening ceremony of the VIII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, which is currently in session in the Cuban capital.

Indonesia press stand out world caravan against US blockade on Cuba


Jakarta, March 30- The Bahasa-language daily, Republik Merdeka, published an article highlighting the participation of Cubans and friends from other countries who joined the world caravan to demand the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade that the United States imposes against the Caribbean nation.

By citing #NoMasBloqueo, the text states that the participants urged to build a bridge of love and demand the lifting of the blockade against the Cuban people, noting that it is a policy that the Americans themselves describe as irrational and criminal.

Press in Indonesia refers US decision to return Cuba to the State Sponsors of Terrorism list

Jakarta, January 19.- The Jakarta Post newspaper published an article referring the decision of the United States, just nine days before the end of the Trump´s administration, to include Cuba in the list of states sponsoring terrorism, while qualifying the measure as a last-minute obstacle to the expected efforts of President-elect Joe Biden to ease tensions with the Island