Cuba in Ireland

Cuban artist Brady Izquierdo Rodriguez opens personal exhibition in Galway.

On Friday, June 21, the exhibition “Moving the Skin” by the Cuban artist residing in Ireland, Brady Izquierdo Rodriguez, was inaugurated in the gallery of the Towm Hall Theater in Galway. The exhibition is made up of 23 small and medium format paintings, curated by Margaret Nolan, presented by Jonathan Hannon and spoken by psychologist Yanet Morejon Hernandez. The Cuban embassy in Ireland provided its support to the Cuban painter in this cultural initiative.

Statement of CSFI

Last month the Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Sr. Bruno Rodriguez, denounced the unjust decision by the United States of America to continue to keep Cuba on the List of Countries which Sponsors Terrorism, albeit clandestinely. 

The U.S. has changed its tactic and although Cuba doesn’t appear outrightly on this list; U.S, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken openly  advised U.S. Congress that Cuba still remains as a threat to the U.S.A.