Cuba in Ireland

It is celebrated in Dublin on July 26.

Dublin, July 26, 2022. Residents of this city witnessed the July 26 celebration today. In a massive act, representatives of the organizations that make up the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba, of different Irish political parties, of trade union organizations of friends, Cuban residents and the group of the Caribbean Embassy, ​​celebrated the occasion from the afternoon, first in the bridge “Ha'penny Bridge”, one of the most emblematic of the Irish capital and later, in the bookstore “Connolly Book Shop”.

“The 26, or the guideline of the Revolution”

Graphic testimony is not even needed to know what exactly was the sad and desolate photograph of this Island back in 1953: misery, unpunished crimes, hunger, games, prostitution, drugs and a permanent "yes, sir" to each order of the empire .

Since the previous calendar, with the full support of the "owners of Cuba," a tyrant gloated in the presidential chair, after having trampled on any hint of constitutionalism.

Making rivers of blood flow, they prepared to extinguish our rebellion and, with it, the hope of embracing the historically cherished independence dream.


This people has fought tirelessly for its independence. He wins every time they try to drown him, he stands irreverent against those who try to steal his right to decide how to live; therefore, it will never bow to provocations or threats


The month of July is for Cuban men and women an unequivocal synonym of Revolution. This month is the glorious 26, in which the Apostle was reborn to guide, from the immensity of his legacy, Fidel and the entire generation that continued the irreversible path towards the full dignity of Cuba.

So much human greatness, so much sacrifice, so much history, are sacred causes; symbolic expressions of our perseverance, resistance, principles and sense of justice.