Cuba in Ireland

“Hermanos Ameijeiras Clinical Surgical Hospital” receives solidarity aid from Ireland.

Dublin, March 1, 2024.  Directors and workers of the renowned “Hospital Hermanos Amejeiras"  expressed their eternal gratitude to all the friends of Cuba in Ireland, who have made possible the sending of another container with medical supplements, intended to face the obstacles that the criminal and unjust American economic, commercial and financial blockade against the Cuban people is interposed and harms to the  Cuba's Public Health system.

Irish solidarity from County Donegal, Ireland, visit the Cuban embassy.

Dublin, February 29, 2024. Friends of Cuba and admirers of its Revolution, from the county of Donegal, the northernmost county in Ireland, were received by the Cuban ambassador, Bernardo Guanche Hernández and the Counselor in charge of Consular Affairs, Mabel Rodríguez Morera, with whom they had an animated and fraternal exchange.