Cuba in Jamaica

For Cuba, the new report on alleged sonic attacks against the United States is deemed a "political operation". Interview by Johana Tablada to AP

Andrea Rodriguez, AP reporter: First, your name and your full title, as you want it to be used. And the second thing is, well, we have all seen or read the story on this report, from three important media outlets, somehow re-hashing the Havana syndrome, correct? What is Cuba's position on this?

Johana Tablada: Johana Tablada, Deputy Director General for the United States at MINREX.

Statement of the Jamaica Patriotic Movement

On behalf of our peace-loving people, the JAMAICA PATRIOTIC MOVEMENT stands in solidarity with the people of Cuba in their struggle against the criminal blockade unleashed on the people of Cuba. Cuba has shown its true purpose and intent to the world: its social development model is to enhance humanity's full development!! It has developed its medical, educational, and technological capability to serve its people and countries fighting underdevelopment and poverty. Our country, Jamaica, has benefitted from Cuba's generosity both from its educational and medical expertise.