Cuba in Jamaica

Declaration of Solidarity with Cuba in the Face of Subversion

Our Cuban Comrades,

We continue to stand with you in the face of foreign-backed subversion, where the same entity responsible for the suffering in Cuba aims to co-opt the people’s legitimate frustration. Our solidarity with the Cuban Revolution is unwavering, and we have demonstrated that. In July 2021, when a similar wave of unrest was exploited by forces outside of Cuba, we made sure to show up in person to vigilantly watch the security situation that Cuban embassy staff and non-political residents were faced with.

We stand with Cuba. Statement of the Jamaica-Cuba Friendship Association

We stand with Cuba

The Jamaica Solidarity movement with Cuba, joins with the rest of progressive  humanity and all well-thinking people, in condemning in the strongest possible way, the recent attempts on March 17th by a moribund US empire, aided and abetted by their bribed and bullied lackeys both inside and outside of our sister country, to manipulate the just grievance of our Cuban brothers and sisters in Santiago de Cuba for a more adequate supply of food and stable energy, as ‘part and parcel’ of their decades-old campaign to destabilize and turn-back the Cuban revolution.

Cuba present at Spanish Language Immersion Day 2024

Cuba presente en Día de la Inmersión en idioma Español 2024

Kingston, 19 March 2024. The Third Secretary of the Embassy of Cuba in Jamaica Anabel Landrón Ochoa participated in the Spanish Language Immersion Day 2024, organised by the Spanish-Jamaican Foundation and the Ministry of Education and Youth of Jamaica.