Cuba in Lebanon

Lebanese solidarity association hails Cuba's victory at the UN

Beirut, June 23, 2021. The Lebanese Arab-Latin American Solidarity Association José Martí today hailed Cuba's victory at the UN when a resolution condemning the US blockade against the Caribbean country was approved at the General Assembly.

During the plenary session of the highest world body in New York, 184 States voted against the U.S. blockade, two voted in favor (the United States and Israel) and three abstained (Colombia, Brazil and Ukraine).

Cuban ambassador talks with director at Lebanese Foreign Ministry

Beirut, June 10, 2021. Ambassador Alexander Pellicer Moraga held a fruitful meeting with Ghady Khoury, Director General of Political and Consular Affairs of the Lebanese Foreign Ministry, with whom he exchanged on issues of bilateral interest.

The Cuban Ambassador handed over to his Lebanese counterpart the draft resolution against the blockade which will be presented on June 23 before the United Nations General Assembly, and which is expected to receive, once again, the majority support of the international community.

Cubans, Lebanese and Palestinians demand an end to the blockade on Cuba and plant Fidel Castro cedar tree

Beirut, June 7, 2021. Cuban residents, diplomats, solidarity organizations and Lebanese and Palestinian graduates in Cuba expressed their rejection of the illegal US blockade against Cuba and demanded its immediate lifting.

The Cubans, diplomats, members of associations of friendship with the Caribbean country and the league of Palestinian graduates in Cuba chanted slogans and carried signs alluding to the world campaign condemning the US blockade.