Liberia-Cuba Friendship Group issues statement of solidarity and support to Cuba.

Monrovia, June 25, 2022 - Once again, the Liberia-Cuba friendship group raised its voice in repudiation of the US aggressions against the people and government of Cuba which have lasted for more than 60 years, and rejected the actions which, as part of the political, economic and financial war of the blockade, seek to encourage popular discontent and generate mobilizations against the social system chosen by the Caribbean nation.

Cuban Head of Mission attends graduation ceremony at Liberia Maritime Training Institute (LMTI).

Monrovia, May 17, 2022 - At the invitation of the Liberia Maritime Training Institute (LMTI), the Cuban Chief of Mission in Liberia Mercedes L. Martinez Herrera participated in the graduation ceremony of 24 cadets who successfully completed a two-year course in various maritime services.

This was the second graduation ceremony of the LMTI. The cadets marched in formation to the rhythm of the Armed Forces Band.

Cuban Head of Mission is received at the Liberian Foreign Ministry.

Monrovia, April 11, 2022 - In the morning hours, the Head of Mission Mercedes L. Martínez Herrera was received at the Liberian Foreign Ministry by the Assistant Minister of American Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Liberia, Hon. Maxwell P. Vah.

Both diplomats held a fruitful meeting where they discussed issues of interest of the bilateral agenda and in which both parties expressed their willingness to continue strengthening the ties that unite Cuba and Liberia.

Head of Mission receives visit of first Liberian graduate in Cuba.

Monrovia, April 6, 2022 - In the morning, the Cuban Embassy received the visit of Alfred Nahold Zulu, first Liberian graduate in the Greater Antilles, who was received by the Cuban Chief of Mission Mercedes L. Martinez Herrera.

Both had a special and emotional exchange where the gratitude and praise to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and to our country prevailed.

Alfred Zulu, a graduate in Forestry Engineering, thanks the University of Pinar del Rio for having obtained his degree in 1995.

Fraternal exchange between Cuban Head of Mission and former ECOWAS Representative in Liberia.

Monrovia, March 28, 2022 - In the framework of Liberia's Bicentennial celebrations, Cuban Head of Mission Mercedes Martinez Herrera had the opportunity to hold an exchange with Nigerian Ambassador Babatunde Ajisomo who served as Special Representative of the Chairman of the ECOWAS Commission in Liberia and is currently the Chief Facilitator of the Humanitarian Dialogue in this West African country.

Cuban Head of Mission exchanges with Minister of Agriculture of Liberia.

Monrovia, March 21, 2022 - In the framework of the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Republic of Liberia, the Cuban Head of Mission Mercedes L. Martinez Herrera, held a fraternal exchange with the Minister of Agriculture of the African country, Honorable Jeanine Milly Cooper.

The occasion was propitious to exchange issues of interest to both parties.

43rd Anniversary of "Monrovia Day" celebrated in Liberia.

Monrovia, February 16, 2022. - Accepting the invitation of the Mayor's Office of the Liberian capital, the Cuban Head of Mission Mercedes L. Martinez Herrera attended the celebration of the "Monrovia Day", which has been taking place for 43 years.

During the event, the Mayor of the City of Monrovia Hon. Jefferson Tamba Koijee delivered his message on the state of the capital city highlighting the progress and challenges for the year under review, and also presented his program plans and prospects for the coming year.

Cuban Head of Mission participates in the national celebration of the Liberian Armed Forces Day.

Monrovia, February 11, 2022.- Invited by the Ministry of National Defense and the Armed Forces of Liberia, the Cuban Head of Mission in this West African country, Mercedes L. Martinez Herrera, participated in the Official Ceremony on the occasion of the celebration of the 65th Armed Forces Day.

Embacuba Liberia staff condemns the blockade on the 60th anniversary of the officialization of this policy of economic siege.

Monrovia, February 3, 2021.- The Cuban Embassy in Liberia reiterates its condemnation of the blockade, on a day like today, which marks 60 years since then U.S. President John F. Kennedy signed the official blockade against Cuba and its people.

This failed Cold War policy still constitutes the longest and most comprehensive economic, commercial and financial siege against any country.


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