Cuba in the Netherlands

Dutch specialists held a National Symposium on comprehensive care for the elderly in Cuba.

Leiden, February 20, 2020.  At the headquarters of the prestigious Faculty of Medicine of the University of Leiden / LUMC) in the Netherlands, was held  a nationwide scientific event that brought together Dutch specialists on the theme “Care of elderly people in Cuba” as a result of a similar event held at the Havana School of Medicine, Victoria de Girón, last January, in which experts from different fields of knowledge and medical fields of both countries evaluated the experiences and best practices in the care of this sector of population.

Let's celebrate with ICAP: "60 years embracing friendship"

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) convened on February 3 the campaign "60 years embracing friendship", to fulfill in this 2020 its six decades founded by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

We Cubans feel proud of having an institution like ICAP, which has defended so many just causes of other friends in the world in these 60 years, an institution that has been heiress and protagonist of the international solidarity with Cuba.

Cuban reality in 61 years of Revolution

Cuban reality in 61 years of Revolution

The results of the Cuban health care system in the 61 years of Revolution are a reason of pride and renewed commitment.

As of year-end 2019, the following data illustrate why in Cuba Health is a human right conquered and ensured despite of the enormous adversities of the inhuman Blockade imposed by the United States: