Cuba in the Netherlands

Let's celebrate with ICAP: "60 years embracing friendship"

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) convened on February 3 the campaign "60 years embracing friendship", to fulfill in this 2020 its six decades founded by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

We Cubans feel proud of having an institution like ICAP, which has defended so many just causes of other friends in the world in these 60 years, an institution that has been heiress and protagonist of the international solidarity with Cuba.

Cuban reality in 61 years of Revolution

Cuban reality in 61 years of Revolution

The results of the Cuban health care system in the 61 years of Revolution are a reason of pride and renewed commitment.

As of year-end 2019, the following data illustrate why in Cuba Health is a human right conquered and ensured despite of the enormous adversities of the inhuman Blockade imposed by the United States:

Ambassador of Cuba visits Holland Pro Cuba Project stand.

The Hague, 7 October 2019. Ambassador of Cuba in the Netherlands, Soraya Alvarez Núñez, visited the stand of Guillermo Veldhoven, founder of the Project Holland Pro Cuba, in an autumn fair held in the heart of this city.