Cuba in New Zealand

Reopening of the Mahi Tupuna Museum in Blackball.

Blackball, New Zealand - May 5, 2024 - The Mahi Tupuna Museum in Blackball celebrated its reopening today, marking a significant milestone in preserving the region's labor history. After extensive renovation, the museum has reopened its doors to welcome visitors from around the world and share New Zealand's rich working-class heritage.

Cuba and New Zealand: a relationship worthy of strengthening

Cuba and Aotearoa New Zealand have some similarities as small island nations (in different hemispheres) and with small populations (over 11,000 and 5,000 respectively).

On the other hand, geographically they are far apart and with different political, economic and cultural histories.

The dynamic of the Cuban Revolution (including its earlier revolutionary movements) is central to these differing histories along with different colonial experiences.

Meeting of the Cuban Ambassador with journalist Ian Powell.

Wellington, April 17, 2024.- The Cuban Ambassador to New Zealand, Luis Ernesto Morejón Rodríguez, met with Ian Powell, who is a former Director of the Association of Salaried Doctors, and a well-known commentator on health, labor market, and political issues across various media outlets.

During the meeting, they discussed the Cuban health system and the biotechnological advances that Cuba has achieved over the years. The Ambassador emphasized Cuba's achievements and its commitment to providing free, quality health care to all its citizens.

Meeting with the Director of the "Letras Latinas" Library.

Wellington, March 27th, 2024.- Luis Ernesto Morejón Rodríguez, the Cuban Ambassador to New Zealand, met with Mirtha Álvarez, the Director of the "Letras Latinas" Library at the Embassy's headquarters in Wellington.

They discussed the positive state of relations between the Cuban Embassy and the Aotearoa Latin American Community (ALAC). They also talked about the potential to strengthen and expand these ties for the benefit of Latin American immigrants living in New Zealand.