Cuba in New Zealand

The Embassy of Cuba and the Caribbean Council hold the "Second Annual Cuba/New Zealand Dialogue".

Wellington, April 22. Sponsored by the Caribbean Council, the "Second Annual Cuba/New Zealand Dialogue" was held at the Cuban Embassy.

The President of the Council, Karim Dickie, gave the opening remarks, after which Ambassador Edgardo Valdés recalled the importance of the Victory of Girón (Bay of Pigs) in the history of Cuba and addressed the internal situation of the island, relations with the United States, links with New Zealand and business and investment opportunities in Cuba, in addition to other aspects of the international scene.

Vice President of "World Beyond War" visited the Embassy of Cuba.

Wellington, April 19. Ambassador Edgardo Valdés and First Secretary Dalila Vázquez met at the Embassy with Liz Remmerswaal, Vice President of "World Beyond War", who visited us with her husband.

We had an interesting exchange on the international situation and cooperation in defense of peace between Cuban and New Zealand organizations.

We established avenues for cooperation between ICAP and "World Beyond War", an organization dedicated to the search for peace.


Cuban Ambassador meets with former Minister of Disarmament.

Wellington, April 12. Ambassador Edgardo Valdes received at the Cuban residence the former Minister of Disarmament, Matt Robson, a good friend of Cuba and an active member of the solidarity movement.

They exchanged on the international situation and possible ways to strengthen the relationship between New Zealand and Cuba.


Cuba relaxes health regulations for entering the country.

Havana, April 8. The Ministry of Health announced that in correspondence with the international and national epidemiological situation of COVID-19 and the levels of immunization achieved, it has been decided to make the following modifications to the requirements for entering the country:

Eliminate as a requirement the presentation of a test for COVID-19 (antigen test or PCR-RT) carried out in the country of origin, as well as the anti-COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

The project of the Family Code is analyzed in the Cuban Embassy.

Wellington, March 28. The staff of our Embassy discussed at its headquarters the project of the Family Code, which will later be submitted to a referendum in Cuba.

Several interventions highlighted the inclusive and modern nature of the document, which generated favorable opinions from all participants.

This process, which takes place in all Cuban diplomatic missions, complements the extensive debates taking place throughout Cuba.

Cubans residing outside the island can give opinions through an easily accessible application.