Cuba in New Zealand

Temporary closure of the Embassy.

Wellington, December 15. As we had previously announced, from today until March the Cuban Embassy in New Zealand will be temporarily closed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and wish you all success in 2022.


We celebrated the anniversary of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the Cook Islands.

Wellington, December 7. A joint celebration organized between the Cuban Embassy and the High Commissioner of the Cook Islands, H.E. Elizabeth Wright-Koteka, marked 19 years of friendly diplomatic relations between the two countries.

In the presence of Ambassadors and High Commissioners from the Pacific and Latin America, as well as representatives of the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Cuban Ambassador reiterated Cuba's willingness to continue cooperating with the islands.

Solidarity party at the Cuban Embassy.

Wellington, December 3. Friends of Cuba in Wellington attended a party at the Embassy to celebrate the return to normality after a year of great difficulties, in which there was no lack of support for the Revolution.

The Ambassador thanked those present, and through them all the friends who in New Zealand support our cause.

Representatives from unions, the Communist Party, cultural projects, and academic institutions shared ideas and a pleasant evening with lots of music and dancing.


Tribute to Fidel in New Zealand.

Wellington, November 27. To pay tribute to Fidel on the 5th Anniversary of his death, we invited the youngest generation of friends from Cuba to climb Mount Kau Kau in this city.

After the effort made, the children and adolescents who accompanied us better understood the magnitude of the feat carried out by the Rebel Army.

We talked to them about the Granma expedition, Alegría de Pío, the struggle in the Sierra, and the victory of January 1.

It was a very pleasant and enriching experience for all of us, at a time when Fidel's ideas continue to guide us.