Cuba in New Zealand

Celebration of National Rebellion Day at the Embassy.

Wellington, July 24. To celebrate National Rebellion Day, a night of Cuban cinema and a meeting with friends of Cuba took place at the Embassy, ​​with the participation of all Cuban personnel.

Ambassador Edgardo Valdés made a brief presentation on the history and importance of July 26 and the film "Ciudad en Rojo", about the insurrectionary struggle in Santiago de Cuba, was shown.

Later, union leaders, young people from the Communist Party, social workers, artists, and friends in general shared ideas about the film, the Cuban Revolution, and the international situation.

Speech by President Diaz-Canel at the III EU/CELAC Summit.

Brussels, July 18. President Miguel Diaz-Canel spoke on behalf of Cuba at the III European Union/Community of Latin American and Caribbean States Summit and expressed: "...I firmly believe that we can and must build better relations: fairer, more balanced, supportive and cooperative to improve the life of our peoples.

Latin America and the Caribbean is no longer the backyard of the United States. Nor are we former colonies that require advice, nor will we accept being treated as mere suppliers of raw materials.

Ambassador attends the celebration of Matariki and the Women's Soccer Cup.

Wellington, July 13. At the invitation of the mayor of this city, H.W Tory Whanau, ambassador Edgardo Valdés attended the celebration of the Maori New Year (Matariki) and a promotional event for the Women's Soccer World Cup.

In the presence of other local authorities, parliamentarians, and members of the diplomatic corps, Whanau highlighted the importance of Matariki in Maori culture and called for support for the soccer tournament that begins on the 20th, as a way of promoting equal treatment for women. in this and other spheres.

Cuban diplomats visit Rotorua.

Rotorua, July 7. Ambassador Edgardo Valdés and Consul Dalila Vázquez visited the city of Rotorua for several days, where the "Aotearoa Cuban Festival" is held every year.

The ambassador met with H.W Mayor Tania Tapsell, with whom he discussed the Festival, Cuban medical cooperation, and other topics of interest.

He also had meetings with other members of the City Council and local businessmen.

The Consul met with Cuban Greydis Montero, the artistic director of the festival, which promotes Cuban and Afro-Cuban music and dance.

Statement by Cuba on behalf of the G77+ China Group at the Summit for a New Global Financing Pact.

Paris, June 22. President Miguel Díaz Canel, representing the G77+China said: “Our peoples neither can nor should continue being the lab of colonial formulas and renewed forms of domination that use the debt, the current international financial architecture, and unilateral coercive measures to perpetuate underdevelopment and beef-up the coffers of a few at the expense of the South.  A new and more just international order is the utmost urgency.”