Cuba in Nigeria

Message from President Miguel Díaz-Canel to the Summit of the Peoples

Dear Manolo; comrades who are participating in the Summit of the Peoples;

I was not wrong when I said that I will not be in the Summit of the Americas but the voice of Cuba certainly will.

You are our voice.  The Revolution has always had it very clear: wherever governments deprive us from our voice, peoples will be there to represent us, to speak on our behalf.

“Summit of the Americas: Imperialist domination and exclusion”.

Havana, June 6th, 2022.- The US Government, abusing its privilege of being the host country, decided at a very early stage to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the 9th Summit of the Americas to be held in the city of Los Angeles this month of June.  It has refused to attend to the just claims of many governments to change that discriminatory and unacceptable stand.  

Cuba and Cuban Embassy in Nigeria celebrates the Africa Day.

Nigeria, May 25, 2022.- The Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, today recalled the celebration of Africa Day and the bond that unites that continent with the Cuban people. “Africa, origin and destiny. We commemorate today, May 25, Africa Day. A continent that constitutes a point of origin, a common destiny and all hope, ”the president wrote on his Twitter profile.

Remembrance to the Cuban National Hero José Martí

Nigeria, May 19th, 2022.- From the Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria, a memorial tribute is paid to the National Hero José Martí, on the 127th anniversary of his fall in combat, which occurred on the same date in 1895, in Dos Ríos, currently Jiguani municipality, Granma province.

Consequently, through the Social Networks of the Diplomatic Mission, photos have been published of different activities carried out aimed at highlighting the Apostle, his work, thought and legacy, of incalculable value for Cubans.