Cuba denounced US economic blockade at WTO conference

Havana, 13 June 2022. The Cuban representative to the 12th Ministerial Conference of World Trade Organization (WTO) denounced the economic blockade of the United States as the main obstacle to Cuba's development, media reported on Monday.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Deborah Rivas, speaking at the meeting, said that this Washington policy, enforced for over six decades, has caused serious effects and damage worth 150.410 billion dollars.

More than seven million people in Cuba receive an anti-COVID-19 booster dose

Havana, Jun 3 (RHC) The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) reported Friday that some seven million 275,031 people have received anti-COVID-19 booster doses.

Of these, 324,090 are part of the clinical study, and 6,950,941 belong to the booster vaccination applied to the population of selected territories and at-risk groups.

Ambassador of Cuba participates in an act for the Nigeria´s Democracy Day.

Nigeria, June 13, 2022.- Joining of the accredited diplomatic corps in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Cuban ambassador to this country, Clara M. Pulido Escandell, participated today in the morning in the act for the Day of Democracy, carried out in the "Eagle Square", the main square of Abuja, the capital of the country.

Cuban President congratulates Al Mayadeen on its tenth anniversary

Cuban President congratulates Al Mayadeen on its tenth anniversary

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez highlighted the work of this multi-platform to bring the reality of the Arab world to the world.

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez congratulated Al Mayadeen for its ten years of work to bring the reality of the Arab region to the world.  Through his account on the social network Twitter, the Cuban leader thanked the media for its vision in its various communication platforms.

Association "Cubanos en UK" donates medical supplies to the "Eliseo Noel Caamaño" Provincial Teaching Pediatric Hospital of Matanzas

Association "Cubanos en UK" donates medical supplies to the "Eliseo Noel Caamaño" Provincial Teaching Pediatric Hospital of Matanzas

London, 13 June 2022- On June 11, the "Cubans in the UK" Association delivered a donation of sterile syringes and needles, ultrasound gel for pregnant women, infusion catheters to assist in surgical operations on children, and other supplies, to the Provincial Teaching Pediatric Hospital of Matanzas "Eliseo Noel Caamaño". In this way, it gives continuity to similar shipments that "Cubans in the UK" has made since December 2021, which are carried as accompanying luggage by Cubans traveling to the Island of Cuba.

Message from President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, to the Summit of the Peoples held parallel to the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. 10 June 2022

Dear Manolo; comrades who are participating in the Summit of the Peoples;

I was not wrong when I said that I will not be in the Summit of the Americas but the voice of Cuba certainly will.

You are our voice.  The Revolution has always had it very clear: wherever governments deprive us from our voice, peoples will be there to represent us, to speak on our behalf.

Cuba at the “San Fiesta Festival” in Sandvika, Norway

Oslo, June 12, 2022. This weekend Cuba was present at the "San Fiesta Festival" in Sandvika, whose edition this year was dedicated to Latin America.

The attending public was attracted by the sample of emblematic products such as cigars and rum, as well as by books on several topics and records by outstanding exponents of the Cuban music.

It was an excellent opportunity to promote Cuban culture, history and identity, and also to promote the bounties of Cuba as a tourist destination.

Cuban president sends message of solidarity to People's Summit

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel thanked the participants in the Peoples' Summit for their solidarity with the countries excluded from a regional meeting called by the United States.

In a video message sent on Friday to the event hosted by progressive organizations in parallel to the IX Summit of the Americas, the President said that solidarity caused the Summit not to be what its sponsors intended.

Solidarity is not only an inseparable principle of revolutionary practice. He said it is the most formidable weapon for those of us who believe in the power of the masses.

From Kotka a message of solidarity with Cuba


From this town, located 150 kilometers from the Finnish capital, a message of solidarity with Cuba was heard this Saturday. In a meeting with the delegates of the Suomen Kommunistinen Puoluen (SKP) - Communist Party of Finland - the Cuban Ambassador, Beatriz Parra González, shared updated information on the reality of Cuba, in particular the strategy to confront Covid-19 and the intensification of the blockade by the US against the Island, at times of maximum difficulties generated by the pandemic.