Cuba to create 9 joint ventures to build over 4 thousand hotel rooms

Cubanacan group is currently in the process of establishing nine joint ventures with foreign chains, for the construction of four thousand rooms in Santa Maria del Mar and Santa Lucia, beaches located in Havana and Camagüey provinces, respectively.

According to Maria Isabel Gonzalez, Vice President of the company, the portfolio of opportunities includes 12 other projects that will involve the creation of new joint ventures for the development of hotels in Covarrubias (Las Tunas), Havana and Santa Lucia.

In Kuwait were celebrated the Nursing and Mother's Day

In Kuwait were celebrated the Nursing and Mother's Day

Kuwait, May 15, 2017. With an activity at the Embassy of Cuba in Kuwait, International Nursing Day and Mother's Day were celebrated.

During the ceremony the Cuban ambassador congratulated the members of the brigade of Cuban nurses working at the Dasman Institute for Diabetes for the celebration of the International Day of Nursing, commemorated last May 12, highlighting the example and consecration of this profession, so necessary to guarantee Human health.

Russia will be in charge of the restoration of the dome of the Capitol of Havana

A Russian state-owned company will be in charge of restoring the dome of the Capitol of Havana. Goszagransobstvennost is the name of the management company of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has already called a public tender for projects to undertake the restoration of the gold cape of the dome of the Capitol of Havana.
According to the announcement, the limit of the project that finally wins will be limited to 20 million rubles, which is equivalent to about $ 354,000.

Friends of solidarity movement reaffirm commitment to Cuba

Cuban Ambassador to The Gambia thanks the Gambian solidarity movement for its support to the island

Banjul, May 13, 2017. Members of the Gambia-Cuba Friendship Association and the José Martí Association of Graduates in Cuba met on Saturday May 13 at the island's diplomatic mission to once again express their support to the Cuban Revolution.

Amongst those who spoke, the president of the Gambia-Cuba Friendship Association, Mr. Modou P. Grant, highlighted the support of the Gambian solidarity movement for all the battles fought by the Cuban people, especially the fight against the blockade and more recently for the liberation of the Cuban Five.

Cuba present in "National Tree Planting Day" in Ulaanbaatar.

Cuba present in "National Tree Planting Day" in Ulaanbaatar.

Ulaanbaatar. 13 May 2017. With the presence of the Minister of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia, Ms. Oyunkhorol Dulamsuren was celebrated this morning in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, the "National Tree Planting Day" at the National Park of Ulaanbaatar. In the event, to which the diplomatic corps was invited, the Cuban Ambassador, Raúl Delgado Concepción, had the opportunity to plant two trees in the name of Cuba.