Statement of the 38th Australian Solidarity Brigade "Southern Cross"

Havana, 18 January, 2023. Members of the 38th Southern Cross Brigade have spent the past three weeks sharing in the experience of the Cuban people. Our stay has allowed us to more thoroughly understand the struggles and realities of everyday members of the Cuban Revolution, as well as the work of their representative organisations.

Our membership expresses the strongest possible solidarity with the Cuban people in the face of the systematic hostility of the US government and in Cuba’s ongoing fight to exert their sovereignty.

More voices against the blockade in the United States

The City Council of the city of Bloomington, Indiana, adopted a resolution calling for the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba for more than six decades. 
The request is added to the more than 10 resolutions issued by different U.S. cities during the last year, asking the Biden administration to end the coercive measures that harm the people of the Caribbean nation. 

Personalities from New Zealand attend the V International Conference For World Balance.

Wellington, January 20. Personalities from various areas of activity, but all committed to working for a better world, travel to Cuba to participate in the V International Conference For World Balance, which begins on January 24 in Havana.

The participation of a former Minister of Disarmament and various members of the "World Beyond War" peace movement stands out. They will present their experiences and establish contact with intellectuals, academics, and activists from all over the world attending the event.

Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica meets with Director General of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority

Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica meets with Director General of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority .

Kingston, 19 January 2023. Cuban Ambassador Fermín Quiñones Sánchez visited the office of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority of Jamaica (RADA), to hold a working meeting with its Director General, Mr. Winston Simpson.

At the meeting, both parties exchanged on the various possibilities for bilateral cooperation and exchange in the agricultural sector, as a way to advance in the achievement of food security and identify areas of work with potential for the two nations.

Ambassador of Cuba exchanges with Director of the Americas at the Foreign Ministry of Finland


Cuban Ambassador, Beatriz Parra González, held her first meeting of 2023 with the Director of Latin America and the Caribbean in the Minister of Foreing Affairs of Finland, Lasse Keisalo. In a pleasant and relaxed dialogue, both authorities talked about the embargo and the unfair inclusion of Cuba on the list of states sponsors of terrorism. Cuban diplomat thanked Finland for their support against the embargo.  She appreciated H.E. Mr. Keissalo interest in issues of the Cuban reality. 

New Cohiba Siglo de Oro vitola, also in Cambodia

 On the occasion of the commemoration of the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, Habanos, S.A. unveiled its new Cohiba Siglo de Oro vitola (54 x 115 mm long), a novel product from the Cohiba brand, the most prestigious in the world of Habanos. The leading Premium tobacco company not only wants to celebrate the arrival of the new year, but the selected vitola -Siglo de Oro– also honors the 30th anniversary of the Linea 1492, one of Cohiba's most successful.