Cuba in Qatar

Cuba and Qatar work to develop cooperation in the field of education

Her Excellency Mrs. Buthaina bint Ali Al Jabr Al Nuaimi, Minister of Education and Higher Education of the State of Qatar, welcomed H.E. Oscar León González, Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to the State of Qatar, at the Ministry headquarters. During the meeting, areas of bilateral cooperation and ways to develop them were discussed. The Ambassador conveyed greetings of H.E. Dra. Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella and H.E. Dr. José Ramón Saborido, Ministers of Education and Higher Education of Cuba, respectively.

“Cuba champions a solution that guarantees the security and sovereignty of all”

The U.S. determination to continue NATO’s progressive expansion towards the Russian Federation borders has brought about a scenario with implications of unpredictable scope, which could have been avoided.

United States’ and NATO’s military moves towards regions adjacent to the Russian Federation in recent months, preceded by the delivery of modern weapons to Ukraine, which together conform a military siege, are well known.

60 years since the proclamation that formalized the criminal economic blockade by the United States against Cuba

The revolutionary government condemns the continuance for over 60 years of the economic, commercial and financial sanctions formally imposed by the United States on 3rd February 1962. On that date, the then president, John F. Kennedy, issued Proclamation 3447, “Embargo on All Trade with Cuba” under Section 620(a) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. He thereby conferred official status on the unilateral economic hostilities already in effect against Cuba since our country’s revolutionary victory.

ستّون عاماً على الإعلان الذي قنّن الحصار الاقتصادي الأمريكي المجرم على كوبا. بيان صادر عن الحكومة الثورية

تندّد الحكومة الثورية بتطبيق الحصار الاقتصادي والتجاري والمالي عليها منذ أكثر من ستين سنة، والذي فرضته الولايات المتحدة رسميّاً في الثالث من شباط/فبراير 1962. في ذلك الموعد، أصدر الرئيس جون ف. كندي الإعلان رقم 2447، الذي فرض "حظراً" شاملاً للتجارة مع بلدنا بموجب القسم 620 (أ) من "قانون المساعدة الخارجية". وبهذه الطريقة، أُضفي طابع رسمي للأعمال العدوانية وأحادية الجانب التي كان يجري القيام بها ضد كوبا منذ الانتصار الثوري