Cuba in Qatar

Meeting with Cuban residents held at the Cuban Embassy in Qatar

A useful meeting with Cuban residents took place recently at the Cuban Embassy in a family atmosphere. The gathering was part of the regular exchanges with members of the Cuban community living in Qatar.

The activity was chaired by the Cuban Ambassador Oscar León González, and other members of the diplomatic representation also participated.

رسالة الرئيس دياز كانيل للشعوب.

 رسالة الرئيس دياز كانيل للشعوب.

مانولو العزيز، الرفيقات و الرفاق الذين  تشتركون في قمة الشعوب:

لم أخطأ عندما قلت  أنني لن أكون في قمة الأمريكاتين، و أضفت و لكن سيكون هناك صوت  كوبا.

إنكم صوتنا. و قد كانت الثورة تعرف ذلك بشكل واضح دائما: هناك حيث الحكومات ترفض اعطاءنا  الكلمة، سوف تتواجد الشعوب لتمثلنا، للحديث باسمنا.

Message from President Miguel Díaz-Canel to the Summit of the Peoples

Dear Manolo; comrades who are participating in the Summit of the Peoples;

I was not wrong when I said that I will not be in the Summit of the Americas but the voice of Cuba certainly will.

You are our voice.  The Revolution has always had it very clear: wherever governments deprive us from our voice, peoples will be there to represent us, to speak on our behalf.

Football Associations of Cuba and Qatar sign cooperation agreement

The Qatar Football Association (QFA) has signed a cooperation agreement with the Cuban Football Association (AFC, by its Spanish acronym) as part of the QFA's strategy to develop football in Qatar and strengthen its relationship with its counterparts from all federations, according to the report of the Qatar News Agency (QNA) published in the Qatari news outlet The Peninsula.

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani, president of the QFA, and AFC president Oliet Rodriguez Mendez signed the agreement.