Cuba in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In support of peace in Colombia: commitment, consistency and responsibility

MINREX Statement

In support of peace in Colombia: commitment, consistency and responsibility

  • Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba

The Embassy of Cuba in Colombia received information -whose credibility could not be assessed- in relation to an alleged military attack by the Oriental War Front of the ELN that would take place in the course of the next few days in Bogotá.

A new group of Cuban health collaborators arrived in Bisha

New group of 26 Cuban collaborators arrived in Bisha, Saudi Arabia

A first group of Cuban doctors and nurses arrived in Bisha, a mountainous area of the West of Saudi Arabia, on November 29th, 2020. Their arrival had been delayed due to the inconvenient conditions in the international travel after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cuban Ambassador to Bahrain signed the condolences book for the demise of Primer Minister of Bahrain

Cuban ambassador signs condolence book for demise of Bahrain Prime Minister

Cuban Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Orlando Requeijo, signs the condolences book opened at the Bahrain Embassy in Riyadh, on the occasion of the demise of Prime Minister His Royal Highness Prince Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Al-Khalifa, who has been in this position for 49 years.

The Ambassador of Bahrain to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Hmood bin Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Khalifa greeted the gesture by the Cuban Ambassador.

Aggression with fire arm against the Embassy of Cuba in the United States

Shots fired against Cuban Embassy in USA

In the early hours of Thursday, 30April 2020, an unknown individual opened fire with an assault weapon against the building of the Embassy of Cuba in the United States. There was no personal injury to the Mission staff, which is safe and protected, but there was material damage caused to the building resulting from the impact of the bullets.

The individual, about whose identity to the Cuban government has no information, was detained on site by local authorities and is under custody.