Cuba Is Not And Will Never Be Alone

Cuba Is Not And Will Never Be Alone

Basseterre, July 15, 2022: When the day of solidarity with Cuba is celebrated internationally, friends of our country and Cubans living in St. Kitts and Nevis reaffirm their commitment to support the Greater Antilles and denounce the unjust policies promoted by the United States government against them.

Jamaica celebrates Cuba's commitment to peace and life

Jamaica celebrates Cuba's commitment to peace and life

Kingston, Jamaica, July 12, 2022. Fifty Jamaican friends and friends from other latitudes, members of the State Mission and Cubans residing in Jamaica met at the Embassy of Cuba on the afternoon of this Monday, July 11, to celebrate the resistance and heroism of the Cuban people in the fight against Covid 19 and against the blockade and hostility of imperialism towards the Greater Antilles.

Cuba and Vietnam to continue strengthening special solidarity and friendship in 2022

The Member of the Party Central Committee, chairman of the National Assembly's Foreign Affairs Committee and leader of the Vietnam Cuba Friendship Association, Vu Hai Ha, expressed Vietnamese Party, State and people will continue to consolidate the special relations of friendship and solidarity with Cuba, during a fraternal visit to the Embassy of the Caribbean country on the eve of Cuba's National Day.

Cuban Ambassador participates in virtual event organised by the Solidarity Campaign.

Cuban Ambassador participates in virtual event organised by the Solidarity Campaign.

London, 9 August 2021- The Cuba Solidarity Campaign in the United Kingdom held a virtual event on Monday entitled "What´s going on in Cuba? And why the US blockade needs to end now!" Among its panellists were the Cuban Ambassador to the UK, Barbara Montalvo; British MPs Grahame Morris, also chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Cuba, and Richard Burgon; the General Secretary of the Unite Trade Union (the biggest of its kind in the UK), Len McCluskey; Bolivian reporter, Ollie Vargas, and Cuban journalist, Cristina Escobar.

Philippine-Cuba Cultural and Friendship Association calls for the end of the Blockade (Statement)

Statement of PhilCuba

Just Remove the Blockade

It is hypocritical of US President Biden to ask the Cuban Government to listen to the protesters, a few weeks after the US and Israel rejected the UN General Assembly Resolution (a vote of 184 countries out of 189) for the US to end the illegal economic blockade on Cuba.

 The Philippines-Cuba Cultural and Friendship Association or PhilCuba believes that the statements of the Biden government, Senator Marco Rubio, and the former State Secretary Pompeo, calling for support for the Cuban people are like “crocodile tears.”

Statement of the Philippine Solidarity Group with Cuba Kilusan sa Pambansang Demokrasya

Kilusan sa Pambansang Demokrasya

Lift the Blockade to Ease Food Shortages in Cuba

The entire world should reject the hypocritical statements of US President Biden, former State Secretary Pompeo, Senator Marco Rubio on the food shortages in Cuba.  They don’t really care for the well-being of the Cuban people.  The US’s economic, commercial and financial blockade for 60 years is the real cause of Cuba’s problems.

Former Prime Minister Said Musa expresses solidarity with the people of Cuba

Posted: Wednesday, July 14, 2021. 4:23 pm CST.

By Benjamin Flowers: As anti-government protests rage on in Cuba, former Prime Minister of Belize Said Musa has publicly declared his support for the country and its people.

Musa took to his Facebook account today, noting that, while protests are an occurrence that every nation in the world must contend with on occasion, the people of Cuba have a unique situation.

The Association of Mongolian Graduates in Cuba expresses its solidarity with Cuba.

Letter from the Association of Mongolian Graduates in Cuba dated April 18, 2020.

"The Covid-l9 pandemic has spread to every country in the world. The need arises for us to call for unity and join forces to overcome this pandemic facing humanity. At this time it is important to resolve the problem quickly, efficiently and collectively where the lives of millions of people are at risk and extremely difficult conditions have arisen.


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