Cuba in Sweden

The claws of the blockade extend to Argentina: Cubana de Aviación suspends flights due to supplier refusal

Cubana de Aviación SA announced the cancellation of flights CU360/CU361, scheduled for April 23 and 24, 2024. This decision is due to the refusal of aviation fuel supply companies in the Republic of Argentina to provide service to the airline, invoking the provisions of the United States blockade measures against Cuba.

Furthermore, this refusal has been extended to other airlines contracted by Cubana de Aviación, in order to provide due protection and transfer the affected passengers. This has prevented the airline from fulfilling the commitments made to passengers.

Reflections of Fidel. Fidel's message against nuclear war

The use of nuclear weapons in a new war would mean the end of humanity. This was foreseen by the scientist Albert Einstein, who was able to measure its destructive capacity of generating millions of degrees of heat that volatilizes everything in a wide radius of action. The brilliant researcher was the driving force behind the development of this weapon before the genocidal Nazi regime had it available.

Any government in the world is obliged to respect the right to life of any nation and of all the peoples of the planet.

63 years of Victories; Commemoration in Sweden of the first defeat of Yankee Imperialism in Bay of Pig .

Stockholm, April 19.- On the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the Playa Girón Victory, supportive friends and Cuban residents met at the Casa de la Solidaridad to commemorate together one of the most relevant events in the history of Cuba.

Yohanna Cordero, II Secretary of the Cuban Embassy, highlighted the courage and strength of the Cuban people, the main protagonist of those events and who, guided by Fidel, defeated the enemy in less than 72 hours.