Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago

The Association of Cuban Residents (ACR) in Trinidad and Tobago conveys condolences for the accident in the industrial zone of Matanzas.

Port of Spain, August 7, 2022. With heartfelt words of pain, the ACR in Trinidad and Tobago conveyed its condolences to the people of Matanzas for the unfortunate accident that occurred on August 5 at the Matanzas Supertanker Base.

The accompaniment and solidarity of the Cubans to the people of Matanzas was proclaimed in the transferred message, in which they also thanked the expressions of sympathy and support received from the international community in the face of the incident.

Cuba reaffirms its unreserved support to the “one China” principle Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Havana, August 2, 2022.- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba states its firm rejection to the actions aimed at harming the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the People’s Republic of China; condemns interference in its internal affairs, and emphasizes its concern over the increasing tensions and further deterioration of the situation concerning Taiwan as a direct result of the aggressive policy and high military presence of the United States and its allies in the Taiwan Strait, military contacts and regular sale of weapons, actio

The Cuban tennis team arrives in Trinidad and Tobago to participate in the Davis Cup.

Port of Spain July 31, 2022. The Cuban team participating in the Davis Cup of Tennis that takes place in Trinidad and Tobago, arrived at dawn today in Port of Spain.

The Cuban delegation chaired by Alexander Ferrales González, President of the Cuban Tennis Federation and made up of 5 players including the team captain, was received upon arrival by the Ambassador of Cuba, Tania Diego Olite.