Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago

Cuban health collaborators in Trinidad and Tobago join the celebrations for July 26th.

Port of Spain July 23, 2022. With emotional political acts, the collaborators of the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) who provide services in the regions of Port of Spain and Eric Williams began the day of celebration for the National Rebellion Day. The notes of the national anthems of the Republic of Cuba and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago were the preamble to the beginning of the activities that were chaired by Tania Diego Olite, Ambassador of Cuba and Dr. Orlando Lázaro Díaz Gómez, coordinator of the BMC.

Trinidad and Tobago joins the international day of Solidarity with Cuba.

Port of Spain, July 11, 2022. Emotional audiovisual accompanied by an accurate intervention made by a Cuban in Trinidad and Tobago began the international day against the blockade in this country.

With precise information, the Cuban citizen exemplified the negative scope of this inhumane and genocidal policy in the sphere of health, which has caused so much damage to the Cuban economy.

Cuba ratifies its commitment to nuclear disarmament.

Havana, June 21, 2022.- The Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, ratified Cuba's firm commitment to nuclear disarmament, speaking at the opening day of the First Meeting of States of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Weapons Nuclear, which takes place from June 21 to 23 in Vienna, Austria.

Message from President Miguel Díaz-Canel to the Summit of the Peoples.

Dear Manolo; comrades who are participating in the Summit of the Peoples;

I was not wrong when I said that I will not be in the Summit of the Americas but the voice of Cuba certainly will.

You are our voice.  The Revolution has always had it very clear: wherever governments deprive us from our voice, peoples will be there to represent us, to speak on our behalf.

Remarks to the cuban civil society excluded from the Summit of the Americas.

Comrades all;

Allow me to begin with words that were told more than one century ago:

“When a strong nation wants to fight a battle with another, it demands allegiance and service from those nations dependent upon it. The first thing a nation does to dominate another is to separate it from other nations.”

This was written by Jose Marti 130 years ago after attending the Monetary Conference, a feast purposely designed by a burgeoning United States for the young republics of Our America.