Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago

“Cuba champions a solution that guarantees the security and sovereignty of all”.

Statement by the Revolutionary Government. The U.S. determination to continue NATO’s progressive expansion towards the Russian Federation borders has brought about a scenario with implications of unpredictable scope, which could have been avoided. United States’ and NATO’s military moves towards regions adjacent to the Russian Federation in recent months, preceded by the delivery of modern weapons to Ukraine, which together conform a military siege, are well known.

We call for the preservation of international peace and security.

• Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba The efforts made by the United States to impose the progressive expansion of NATO towards the borders of the Russian Federation are a threat against the national security of this country and regional and international peace. The government of the United States has been for weeks threatening Russia and manipulating the international community about the risks of an “imminent massive invasion” of Ukraine.

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