Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago

60 years since the proclamation that formalized the criminal economic blockade by the United States against Cuba.

Declaration by the revolutionary government. The revolutionary government condemns the continuance for over 60 years of the economic, commercial and financial sanctions formally imposed by the United States on 3rd February 1962. On that date, the then president, John F. Kennedy, issued Proclamation 3447, “Embargo on All Trade with Cuba” under Section 620(a) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. He thereby conferred official status on the unilateral economic hostilities already in effect against Cuba since our country’s revolutionary victory.

The Electoral Commission of the Circumscription is constituted in the Embassy of Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago.

Port of Spain, January 28th, 2022. In a simple and solemn act, the Electoral Commission of Circumscription (CEC) No.30 of the Embassy of Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago was constituted today; occasion that coincided with the day of celebration of the National Hero José Martí on the 169th anniversary of his birth. After the intonation of the notes of the National Anthem, Counselor Patricia Pita Calderón read the oath that will accompany all the members of the Commission during the process of consultation and popular referendum of the new Family Code.

Tribute to the National Hero of Cuba on the 169th anniversary of his birth.

Port of Spain, January 28th, 2022. Representatives of the Cuban Embassy group, of Cubans living abroad and of the BMC that provides collaboration services in Trinidad and Tobago, participated in the tribute day to José Martí at the 169 anniversary of his birth. Through audiovisuals that collect part of the life and work of Martí, the Master was honored in the words of Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler on the occasion of the unveiling of the replica of the equestrian statue of Martí in Havana.

Cuban authorities inform on the status of criminal proceedings derived from the riots of July 11, 2021.

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 25 (ACN) In compliance with its duty to continue informing the people and the international public opinion on the legal response to the events of July 11, 2021, which attempted against the constitutional order and the stability of the Cuban socialist state, the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic reported on the status of the criminal proceedings arising from such events.

Cubans in Trinidad and Tobago express their support for the Homeland during a day for dignity in defense of sovereignty in Cuba and against the blockade.

Port Spain, November 14th, 2021. The Cubans nationals from Trinidad and Tobago continue united in supporting the Homeland. Today, when Cuba has managed to reduce infections and deaths from Covid 19, without stopping for a minute to face and suffer the iron blockade that adds another 243 asphyxiation measures, we continue to make Revolution.