Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago

Declaration of Condemnation by the International Relations Commission of the National Assembly of the People’s Power.

We have closely followed the most recent events in the European Parliament and have noted with disgust that the same faction of MEPs subservient to Washington have contrived to schedule a new debate on Cuba on September 16 next, dragging with them the political groupings to which they belong. This action once again turns the Parliament into a pawn in maneuvers of escalating aggression that is contrary to genuinely European interests and to the respectful dialogue that has characterized Cuba-EU relations.

The Cuban Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago joins the celebration day for Fidel's 95th birthday.

Port of Spain, August 13, 2021. The group of the Cuban Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago, along with the slogan that presided over the event "Fidel, a man of science with a vision of the future," participated in the celebration day for the 95th birthday of the Commander in chief. We had the opportunity to follow the development of the event and listen to the opening and closing remarks given by the Chancellor, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla and the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the PCC and the President of the country respectively.

Representation of Cubans in Trinidad and Tobago together with the group of the diplomatic mission, pay tribute to Fidel on his 95th birthday.

Port of Spain, August 13, 2021. On this occasion, Fidel was paid tribute through audiovisual material designed by the collective of the Cuban Embassy and prepared by a representation of Cubans in Trinidad and Tobago, to remember the leader of the Cuban Revolution for his birth. The material grouped audio recordings and images of a representation of Cuban residents, who through opinions expressed by different personalities from various regions of the world about Fidel, remembered our historical leader on his 95th birthday.

A call for World Solidarity with the Cuban people during this difficult time due to the US Embargo & COVID19.

WE CONDEMN; The US sponsored demonstrations in Cuba of July 2021 is simply a continuation of many years of the economic, financial, commercial, political, diplomatic and cultural warfare waged against the Caribbean island by 12 consecutive US Administrations. This last attempt to meddle in Cuba’s internal affairs via a subversive campaign is being financed by the Florida State Government and their Republican donors.