Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago

Cuba strongly rejects activation of IRAT

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounces the shameful decision to activate the Inter-American Reciprocal Assistance Treaty (IRAT), a treaty that contemplates the use of military force.

Cuba condemns interference in China’s internal affairs

Cuba condemns interference in China’s internal affairs

Over the last few weeks we have noted with concern the succession of violent demonstrations and acts of vandalism in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, encouraged from abroad, attempting to disrupt the political, economic and social order, and create insecurity in the People’s Republic of China.

Cuba and Norway ratify commitment to peace in Colombia

Cuba and Norway, guarantors of the negotiations between the Colombian State and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army (FARC-EP), on Saturday ratified their commitment to peace in that South American country.

Through a statement, released in Havana by the Cuban Foreign Ministry, the two countries expressed deep concern about the resumption of the armed struggle by a FARC-EP faction.

The U.S. government allocates millions of dollars to obstruct Cuban medical cooperation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounces and strongly condemns the United States government’s recent aggression against Cuba through a USAID program to finance projects and seek information to discredit and sabotage Cuba's international health care cooperation in dozens of countries, benefitting millions of people. This plan joins the disgraceful pressure exerted on several governments to hamper Cuban cooperation, and previous attempts with the same purpose such as the special “parole” program meant to rob human resources trained in Cuba.

Trinidadian students received scholarships to study Medicine in Cuba as part of the Cuba-CARICOM agreements.

Port of Spain, August 9.- With the presence of the Trinidadian Ministers of Education and State in the Ministry of Education, Anthony Garcia and Francis Lovell, respectively, took place today at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education the official ceremony of granting of medical scholarships offered by the Government of Cuba to young Trinidadians as part of the Cuba-CARICOM agreements. On this occasion, three young people benefited from this cooperation program.