Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago

Large presence of Trinidad and Tobago in the International Fair of Havana (FIHAV 2018)

La Habana, 29 de octubre de 2018.  Se inicia hoy  36 Edición de la Feria Internacional de la Habana, con la participación de una delegación de la Republica de Trinidad y Tobago, presidida por el Sr Dietrich Guichard, CEO de la Organización Nacional de Facilitación de Exportaciones de Trinidad y Tobago, EXPORTT.

La delegación trinitaria está conformada por más de  20 participantes y reconocidas empresas que apuestan por el fortalecimiento de las relaciones comerciales entre ambas Islas caribeñas.

A group of Cuban health workers in Trinidad and Tobago receive an emotional farewell ceremony

Port of Spain, October 28. - An important group of about 90 health collaborators working in Trinidad and Tobago completed their mission in the Trinidadian territory, which served as a call for a political - cultural event in which both collaborators and Trinidadians had the opportunity to thank each other for the support received in the last four years. The event was chaired by Cuban Ambassador Guillermo Vázquez Moreno and Dr. Laura González Valdés, head of the Medical Brigade in the Caribbean country.

Cuban Foreign Minister denounces U.S. maneuver to undermine international support for an end to the blockade

The United States permanent mission at the UN began circulating eight amendments to the Cuban resolution calling for an end to the blockade, reported Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parilla during a press conference at the ministry in Havana.

He reported that the amendments basically address aspects related to the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and the human rights issue, a subject that the U.S. government attempts to use to discredit Cuba – unsuccessfully.

What is most interesting, Rodríguez said, is not the content of the proposed amendments, but rather the fact that the document was circulated surreptitiously by the U.S. State Department, signed by deputy assistant secretary Gonzalo Gallegos, in an effort to dissuade UN member countries from voting in favor of the Cuban resolution calling for an end to the blockade, which will be considered in the General Assembly this coming October 31.

In Trinidad and Tobago, the effects of the policies of the Blockade against Cuba were denounced. The Cuban Ambassador presented Cuba’s report to the United Nations.

17 October, Port of Spain – With the presence of the main members of the Trinidadian press, including the three Trinidadian newspapers with national coverage, diplomats and officials of the Cuban medical brigade in the Caribbean country, presided over by the Cuban Ambassador Guillermo Vázquez Moreno, the Cuban report to the United Nations on the implementation of the Cuban Resolution 72/4 “Necessity to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba” was presented.