Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago

Minister of Foreign Affairs and CARICOM of Trinidad and Tobago, Dennis Moses, spoke in favor of the definitive lifting of the Blockade against Cuba at the 72nd General Assembly of the United Nations.

New York, September 22. - Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Foreign Affairs and CARICOM Dennis Moses spoke during his speech at the high-level segment of the 72nd United Nations General Assembly in favor of the definitive lifting of the blockade against Cuba. In this sense, the Trinidadian Foreign Minister  express “

 1wish to reiterate to this august body, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago's unequivocal commitment and unceasing call for an end to the economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba. 



Cuba denounces the implementation of an international operation, led by the United States, to silence the voice of the Venezuelan people

This Sunday, July 30, 2017, during elections for the National Constituent Assembly in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the people demonstrated to the world that they are in full possession of their sovereign rights, and are firmly on the side of peace, in defense of citizen security, of independence and self-determination in their homeland


Cuban and Trinidadian celebrate the 64th anniversary of the assaults on military barracks Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.

Port of Spain, July 30 .- The Cuban State Mission in collaboration with the Solidarity Movement with Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago celebrated this Sunday, July 30, the 64th anniversary of the assaults on the Military Barracks Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and Moncada. The event also had the importance of serving as a farewell to the current group of Cuban collaborators in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, who culminate their mission after three years of valuable work throughout the Trinitarian territory.


Cuba seeks stronger ties with T&T in TIC 2017

T&T is one of Cuba’s major trading partners but there is still room for improvement, according to Hilda Rosa Santiesteban, president of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce.

“T&T has traditionally been Cuba’s second largest trading partner in the Caribbean,” Santiesteban said.

“Annual levels of trade have been between 35-55 million Cuban pesos annually, except for 2006 when it reached 67 million pesos.”

Santiesteban made the comment at a presentation on doing business in Cuba jointly hosted by exporTT and the Cuban Embassy at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya.

The seminar was held on the opening day of the Trade and Investment Convention (TIC) at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya.