Cuba in Uganda

Fidel Castro project unites researchers from Cuba and Uganda

Kampala. On the morning of November 30, the possibilities of exchange on research, development and generalization of the use of Moringa oleifera were the focus of the exchange held between the Cuban Ambassador Tania Pérez and Ugandan researchers led by Mr. Vicent K. Musubire.

Ruling parties of Rwanda and Cuba advocate strengthening bilateral relations.

Kigali. On November 21, at the closing meeting of the official visit program to Rwanda, Cuban Vice President Salvador Valdés Mesa was hosted at the headquarters of the Rwandan Patriotic Front by its Vice Chairperson Consolee Uwimana.

This meeting is part of the efforts of both government parties to strengthen their bilateral relations and contribute to promoting cooperation between both countries.

The Cuban leader extended an invitation to the vice chairperson of the Rwandan party to visit the island and continue evaluating areas of joint work.

Meeting between Cuban vice president and Prime Minister of Rwanda.

Kigali. On the night of November 20, Rwandan Prime Minister Édouard Ngirente hosted Cuban Vice President Salvador Valdés Mesa.

The meeting with the Rwandan executive leader allowed for an in-depth exchange on the achievements and challenges of both countries on the path to building prosperous, inclusive societies with high social justice.

The Cuban leader highlighted the economic results of the African country and the interest that this example of economic and social progress arouses for Cuba.