Díaz-Canel: Multilateralism, cooperation and solidarity must be the order of the day

Remarks by Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, President of the Republic of Cuba, during the virtual opening ceremony for ECLAC’s 38th Session, at the Havana Convention Center, October 26, 2020, Year 62 of the Revolution

(Transcript: Presidency of the Republic/Translation: GI)

His Excellency Mr. Carlos Alvarado Quesada, President of the Republic of Costa Rica;

Your Excellency, Mr. António Guterres, United Nations Secretary General

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago in 74th UNGA : " Trinidad and Tobago thus reiterates its call for the unconditional lifting of the economic, commercial and financial Embargo against Cuba ".

Excerpts from the intervention of Prime Minister Keith Rowley at the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations.

Mr. President, history has taught us that the maintenance of international peace and security cannot be separated from the sustainable development , in this regard we maintain that the economic,  commercial and  financial embargo imposed against Cuba, a Caribbean nation, which has been in place for almost six decades undermine the country potential to achieve  sustainable development and economic growth.

Intervention by Ambassador Juan Antonio Fernández on the Board of Governors of the IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency

Permanent Mission of the Republic of Cuba to the United Nations Office at Vienna and to the International Organizations in Austria

Statement delivered by Ambassador Juan Antonio Fernández Palacios

Item 6 of the Agenda: “Verification and monitoring in the Islamic Republic of Iran in light of United Nations Security Council resolution 2231 (2015)”


Mr. President,

Press Release of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in the Kingdom of the Netherlands on the occasion of the celebration of the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.


Worldwide nuclear disarmament is one of the oldest goals of the United Nations and one of the aspirations and basic principles of the foreign policy of the Republic of Cuba, which has maintained a   consistent position on the prohibition and elimination of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons. General disarmament, full and immediate, under a strict and effective control, is a priority in the international arena.


UN Special Rapporteur Begins Official Visit to Cuba

The Special Rapporteur of the United Nations (UN) on the human rights of Human Trafficking victims, especially women and children, Maria Grazia Giammarinaro, will begin today an official visit to Cuba.

According to the Foreign Ministry of this nation, Giammarinaro will meet in the Cuban capital and carry out other activities that will allow her to confirm Cuba's commitment to the fulfillment of its international obligations in relation to human trafficking.

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