71 AGNU: Cuba At the General Debate on item "Report of the Human Rights Council."

Mr. Chairman,

The emergence of the Human Rights Council resulted from the need to address double standards, political confrontation and manipulation of the former Human Rights Commission. The negative practices that discredited the Commission, which are strongly rejected by Cuba, should be re-edited within this organ.

We reiterate our concern for the tendency at the Council to impose selectivity and double standards when dealing with human rights situations. This has been reflected in the report of the Human Rights Council submitted to us. Today, the Council requires to be rescued from the selectivity and political manipulation that characterize its work in the treatment of country situations. Cooperation and respectful dialogue should govern the work of this organ.

In like manner, Cuba reaffirms that the Universal Periodic Review has consolidated itself as the only existing universal mechanism for the comprehensive analysis of the human rights situation in all countries. This is the main distinctive feature of the Council with respect to the Commission. Such mechanism has proved to be a means for international cooperation in terms of human rights based on constructive dialogue and respect for the principles of universality, objectivity, impartiality and non-selectivity.

These principles should be equally respected by the special procedures of the Council and by human rights treaty bodies, which should also observe the Code of Conduct adopted during the Council's institution-building process.

Mr. Chairman,

It is Cuba´s view that, as long as an unfair and excluding economic and political order persists, the Council should continue to speak in favor of a democratic and equitable international order.

As long as unilateral coercive measures are imposed and fierce blockades such as the blockade suffered by Cuba for over 50 years remain in place, the Council should reject and demand the end of these practices.

The Council needs to ensure that no further delay for the vindication of the right to international solidarity occurs, in order to meet the serious challenges posed by the severe economic, financial, energy, environmental and food crises that affect the planet.

Mr. Chairman,

In response to the recommendation of the Human Rights Council to this General Assembly under resolution 32/28, our delegation has submitted draft resolution “Declaration on the Human Right to Peace”. We are encouraged that peace, now recognized as an essential requirement for enjoyment of all human rights, also receives the recognition it deserves as the right of all persons, individually and/or collectively, to contribute to the efforts in achieving peace in an atmosphere of harmony which enable them to fully meet their needs, and the full respect of individual and collective human rights.

Mr. Chairman,

Cuba will continue working to promote the rights of the peoples to self-determination, peace and development; for the realization of their right to food, the establishment of a democratic and equitable international order, in fighting racism, xenophobia and all forms of discrimination, for the realization of cultural rights and respect for diversity.

Cuba ratifies its endless commitment to the promotion of and respect for all human rights for everyone.

I thank you very much.