71 UNGA: Statement of the Cuban Delegation at the Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and on the Strengthening of the Role of the Organization

Mr. Chairman,

Cuba supports the statement by the Islamic Republic of Iran on behalf of NAM and the statement by El Salvador on behalf of CELAC.

The Cuban Delegation appreciates the presentation of the Secretary-General’s Reports, and resolutely supports the work of the Special Committee on the Charter and its agenda. We are pleased to have worked jointly with the chairmanship of the Committee and with Member States in order to foster the fulfillment of the mandate of General Assembly Resolution 3349 (XXIX), which gave rise to this Committee.

The importance of this mandate is confirmed in the current global situation, where some countries attempt to re-construe the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations to boost political agendas of foreign interventionism and interference in internal affairs of States; all to the detriment of the integrity and sovereignty of developing countries.

Respecting and promoting the rules of the Charter of the United Nations are of paramount importance. The guiding role of the General Assembly, as the main deliberative, policymaking and representative organ of the United Nations, must be preserved and strengthened.

The Special Committee is the appropriate framework to discuss any amendment to the Charter of the United Nations, including those derived from the current reformation process of the Organization. It is the forum to propose recommendations that enable the implementation of all provisions contained in the Charter and to ensure that all Member States and organs of the United Nations act according to its principles and purposes.

In this regard, the Special Committee on the Charter, in accordance with its mandate to strengthen the role of the organization, should welcome inclusive and transparent debate of every draft resolution, decision or action-taking by United Nations organs, whenever those have legal implications for the fulfillment and implementation of the Charter of the United Nations.

Mr. Chairman,

We would like to stress as a positive element of the Committee's work in the previous year, the briefing held under Agenda item: "Report of the Secretary-General on the implementation of Charter provisions related to assistance to third States affected by the application of sanctions under Chapter VII". The members of the Committee received up-to-date information and had the opportunity to exchange views on this matter. Such practices are very useful and contribute to improve the transparency and credibility of the work of the Organization.

At the previous session of the Committee, NAM submitted a proposal to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the International Court of Justice, a fact of paramount importance for international law and world peace and security. On this occasion, it was possible to adopt a resolution in the Committee that was subsequently approved by the Sixth Committee, which constitutes a concrete result that we appreciate.

Mr. Chairman,

Despite the efforts and positive examples of the work that the Committee can perform when there is a will to move forward, there have been attempts to hinder its work, and therefore, the approval of valuable documents that govern and strengthen the work of the United Nations. Among the proposals that have not been adopted, despite of their value, are those submitted by the Russian delegation. We believe that the proposals submitted to the Committee deserve to be discussed in a substantive manner. Cuba will continue to contribute constructively to the work of the Committee and calls to seek common ground that enable us to achieve concrete results with a direct impact on the strengthening of the Organization and the peaceful settlement of international conflicts.

Cuba opposes any attempt to biennialize or reduce the work of the Committee and its agenda. We encourage other delegations to submit substantive proposals and constructively engage in the debates.

In this regard, we support the Committee’s current agenda and thank the delegations of Venezuela, Belarus, Russia, Libya and Ghana for their concrete contributions to the work of the Committee.

In previous sessions of this organ, Cuba submitted a proposal under item: “Maintenance of International Peace and Security”. Such document remains in full force. We invite all interested delegations to submit comments and suggestions in order to include in our proposal the necessary adjustments and facilitate consensus.  

In the previous session, NAM submitted to the Committee a draft resolution under item: "Peaceful Settlement of Disputes". Cuba fully supports this proposal and believes that it has an undeniable value in the current global situation, characterized by serious threats to peace and global security.

The intersessional meeting held earlier this month was a positive step in the work of the Committee. At such meeting, substantive discussions took place on NAM proposals concerning the peaceful settlement of disputes and Ghana's proposal on regional cooperation. Member States expressed their views in a constructive spirit, which we hope will prevail during this session.

To conclude, the Cuban delegation would like to thank the Committee and its Chairman for the excellent manner in which they have conducted our works.

Thank you very much.