75 AGNU: Remarks by the Cuban delegation at the UNGA informal meeting to hold a high-level panel discussion to brief on the situation of human rights in the Syrian Arab Republic. New York, 2 March 2021

Mr. President,

My delegation reaffirms its support for the search for a peaceful and negotiated solution to the conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic. We have every confidence in the ability of the Syrian people and authorities to achieve that goal.

A political solution to the conflict will depend on fully respecting Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity, taking into account the genuine interests and aspirations of its people, ceasing interventionist and destabilizing actions, and fostering cooperation with the Syrian authorities.

The international community must contribute to this purpose by banishing selectivity, double standards, punitive approaches and politicization in dealing with the issue of human rights in the case of Syria and any other country.

These harmful practices, which are only implemented against developing countries and on which unilateral coercive measures are imposed, exacerbate political confrontation and, in practice, do not improve the human rights situation.

Mr. President,

The issue of human rights in Syria has been recurrently discussed for several years both in the Third Committee of the General Assembly and in the Human Rights Council, with a bias of deep politicization.

To do so, moreover, in the General Assembly would seem to respond to an intention to increase the condemnatory and singling out actions against Syria, or at least would serve that purpose.

Cuba believes that the distribution of functions among the General Assembly, the Third Committee and the Human Rights Council should be preserved in order to address the issue of human rights in an objective, balanced and non-discriminatory manner.

In conclusion, my delegation cannot share, nor accept, an approach that would turn the General Assembly into a platform for amplifying the political bias and selectivity that prevail today against Syria, which tomorrow could be replicated against any other developing country.

Thank you.