76 UNGA: Remarks by Cuba at the Security Council High-Level Open Debate on "Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Exclusion, Inequality and Conflict". New York, 9 November 2021

Dear President of Mexico, His Excellency Mr. Andrés Manuel López Obrador;

Your presence, as an honorable representative of the ideals of peace, solidarity, justice and prosperity for Latin America and the Caribbean and for the world, exalts this meeting.

We congratulate Mexico and wish you success during your presidency of the Security Council.

Within a context of global uncertainty and the multidimensional crisis sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, this debate gains great significance.

International peace and security are constantly threatened by conflicts, acts of aggression, unconventional wars, attempts at regime change and frequent violations of the UN Charter and International Law.

Mr. President,

The prevalence of a profoundly unjust and undemocratic international order, decades of ruthless neoliberalism, the existence of discriminatory capitalism and its irrational patterns of production and consumption, have put selfishness and the petty interests of a minority before the legitimate aspirations of millions of human beings.

The pandemic has compounded the global crisis, leaving the most vulnerable unprotected, while the richest continue to increase their profits. For example, while 89 million Americans lost their jobs, 45 million became ill and 724,000 died from the virus, the U.S. billionaires added 2.1 trillion dollars to their already mammoth wealth. 

The deep global inequality in the access to and distribution of vaccines against COVID-19 is unfortunate and unacceptable, and has magnified the North-South divide. Out of the 7 billion doses of vaccines administered, more than 80% have gone to the G-20 countries, whose populations represent far less than half of the planet´s inhabitants. Low-income countries, most of them in Africa, have only received 0.4% of them.

Meanwhile, global military spending is growing, which in 2020 was nearly US$2 trillion.

Mr. President,

Unilateral coercive measures prevent the effective confrontation of the pandemic and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. What humanity needs, to live in peace and security, is respect for International Law and for national sovereignty, as well as cooperation and mutual respect, not blockades or sanctions.

It is imperative to strengthen multilateralism, the unrestricted respect for the UN Charter and International Law and the compliance with the commitments and obligations undertaken.

A comprehensive and profound reform of the Security Council, greater representation of the countries of the South, democracy, transparency and inclusivity in its work and the cessation of its interference in the mandate and functions of the General Assembly and other bodies, cannot be postponed in order to preserve the effectiveness and credibility of the Organization.

It is urgent to join efforts and wills in the promotion of a just, democratic and equitable international order that puts an end to exclusion and inequalities, for the sake of humanity.

Thank you.