76 UNGA: Statement by Cuba at the UNGA plenary meeting on the veto under the agenda Item 124: "Strengthening of the United Nations system". New York, July 21st, 2022

Mr. President;

This is the second time we meet pursuant to resolution A/RES/76/262, entitled "Standing mandate for a General Assembly debate when a veto is cast in the Security Council."

The concerns and interpretations that our delegation placed on record, at the time of its adoption, remain fully valid. 

The automaticity of this mechanism, with no room for Member States to decide whether or not a meeting is necessary, reveals the shortcomings of a text that was not discussed in depth or with sufficient time.

This meeting of the Assembly is, in our view, unnecessary. The issue under consideration today was already overcome by reality, with the adoption of Security Council resolution 2642 (2022) last July 12th, by which the authorization of the cross-border mechanism for humanitarian aid into Syria was renewed.

Mr. President,

Cuba rejects any politicization of the humanitarian assistance, and its use as an instrument for political blackmail. Any decision adopted by the Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Syria must take into account the interests and concerns of that country. 

We reaffirm the full validity of the guiding principles of humanitarian assistance laid down in General Assembly resolution 46/182. The consent of the country concerned is vital.

The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria must be fully respected. We call for the cessation of external interference in that sister Arab nation.

The primary responsibility for ensuring that the humanitarian aid reaches all Syrians rests with their government, therefore, all their concerns relating to the assistance must be given due consideration.

Mr. President,

The United States, while claiming to be very concerned over the humanitarian situation of the Syrian people, maintains criminal unilateral coercive measures against Syria. Such measures, along with the impact of more than a decade of war imposed against that country and the socio-economic and humanitarian effects of manifold global crises, compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic; slow down Syria's sustainable development and bring about enormous suffering on its people. Such unilateral measures must be urgently removed.

What is imperative is to foster cooperation with the Syrian government for the benefit of its people, without the political bias and selectivity that prevails today against that nation.

Thank you.