UNGA 75: Statement by the delegation of the Republic of Cuba. Thematic debate on “Other disarmament measures and international security”. First Committee. New York, October 2020

Mr. Chairman,

We share the goal of general and complete disarmament, in particular nuclear disarmament, as the highest priority in this area. We call for the implementation of other disarmament and international security measures.

 A renewed commitment is needed to make progress in multilaterally agreed, legally binding initiatives, to prohibit the militarization of outer space, cyberspace and lethal autonomous weapons; as well as to regulate military combat drones.

 We reject the modernization of nuclear arsenals, under the pretext of military defense and security concepts or doctrines which continue to threaten humanity; while some nuclear States, such as the United States, deliberately disregard international commitments on disarmament and arms control.  

Let us demand that the largest weapon-manufacturing countries put the safety and well-being of their citizens before the interests of military industrial complexes. The large amounts of money earmarked to military budgets, along with scientific and technological advances used in weapons, must be reduced and redirected towards the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

Mr. Chairman,

It is imperative that international forums and negotiations on disarmament and arms limitation fully take into account the relevant environmental regulations and that, in the implementation of the agreements reached, international regulations on climate change are respected.

We must preserve multilateralism as the basic principle of negotiations on disarmament and arms control.

We regret that the United States, one of the most polluting countries and one of the largest weapon manufacturers, not only disregards the observance of environmental norms, but also withdraws from the Paris Agreement and threatens the fragile balance of climate negotiations.

We fully support the work of the Open-ended Working Group of the General Assembly on information and communications technologies. This has been a historic process where Member States have had for the first time the opportunity to discuss this topic in a transparent and inclusive manner. We support the continuity of the work in this format.

We reiterate our great concern about the United States Department of Defense Cyber Strategy, which since 2018, authorizes the use of offensive cyber weapons and cyber-offensive operations, including the possibility of launching preventive cyber-attacks to deter adversaries. We reject these aggressive, warmongering and threatening doctrines, which consider the use of force as a legitimate response to a cyber-attack. 

We reiterate that the hostile use of telecommunications, with the declared or covert purpose of subverting the legal and political order of States, such as the establishment of the Cuba Internet Task Force, is a violation of internationally agreed norms in this matter.

Likewise, we demand the immediate lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba, which limits access to and the use and enjoyment of information and communications technologies for the well-being of its population.

Thank you.