Cuba in UN

Cuba reiterates its firm and unwavering adherence to the principle of "one China".

Cuba's position is consistent with United Nations General Assembly´s resolution 2758 of October 25th, 1971, and with the position of the overwhelming majority of the international community that officially recognises the People's Republic of China as the only and legitimate representative of all the Chinese people.   

Cuba: The international community is being witness to the genocide that is being perpetrated against the Palestinian people.

Cuba suggests this Committee to recommend the 19th Non-Aligned Summit to support the urgent dispatch of an International Protection Mission, authorized by the United Nations General Assembly, to the Gaza Strip, with the mandate of guaranteeing the security and protection of the civil population and facilitating the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian assistance and food.

Science Day for the South, milestone for developing countries.

The proclamation of September 16 as the International Day of Science, Technology and Innovation for the South represents an important step for development nations and the premise of leaving no one behind. The new date established by the United Nations General Assembly, highlights the key role of scientific-technical advances in economic growth and sustainable development.