Cuba in UN

#LegadodeFidel: Fidel Castro & Human Rights/ Excerpts/ Statement at session of the UN General Assembly to commemorate the 50th anniverssary of the United Nations Organization, 22 October 1995.

(…) ¿How long will we have to wait for the true democratization of the United Nations, independence and the sovereign equality of States, the non-interference in their internal affairs and true international cooperation? ¿How long will we have to wait for rationality, equity and justice in the world? (…)

Press Release “Cuba reiterates its uninterested support to those countries affected by natural disasters and other emergencies.”

New York, 8 December 2016. Cuba pointed out today, at the UN General Assembly plenary session to consider Agenda item “Strengthening of the coordination of humanitarian and disaster relief assistance of the United Nations, including special economic assistance”, that the UN Charter shall be respected, and its purposes and principles are not to be infringed or distorted, restricted or conditioned when offering humanitarian assistance.

Press Release: Harlem pays tribute to Fidel

New York, 6 December 2016. -  On Monday evening, the Episcopal Church “All Souls Episcopal Church” embraced the tribute of the black community to Fidel Castro Ruz. The event organized by the 12 December Movement and summoned by its International Secretariat President, Roger Wareham, was attended by members of several organizations based in this city, defenders of the rights of the black community.