Cuba in UN

Press Release: "Impact of the Embargo on the foreign sector of the Cuban economy finances."

New York, 5 October 2016. After almost two years since the Governments of Cuba and the United States decided to re-establish their diplomatic relations and to begin a process towards the normalization of their ties, there are no substantial changes in the application of the Embargo policy on the National Banking System. There is still persecution and harassment on Cuban monetary assets abroad, as well as the imposition of other obstacles preventing Cuban banks from normally carrying out their international transactions. 

Press Release: “Cuba offers priority to social development to achieve a decent life for all human beings”.

New York, 4 Octubre 2016. At the Third Committee debate on social development, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Cuba to the United Nations, Ambassador Ana Silvia Rodríguez Abascal considered the eradication of poverty, the promotion of full employment and social integration as three pillars to achieve social development and insisted upon the necessity to implement lasting and inclusive public policies that encourage the various aspects of social development, considering the major role played by the States in this matter, with the involvement of others.