Cuba in UN

Cuban Foreign Minister blames the U.S. for irregular migration

Havana, 30 October 2022. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez reiterated that the United States government is responsible for the causes that stimulate irregular emigration from the island and human trafficking.

The Foreign Minister pointed out via Twitter that the acceptance of ‘those who arrive, the Cuban Adjustment Act and the economic blockade encourage irregular migration and those who profit from trafficking’.

Major demonstration in New York against US blockade on Cuba

New York, 29 October 2022. Over a hundred solidarity with Cuba organizations on Saturday are staging a major demonstration in New York calling on the government to lift the US economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba.

The demonstrators are marching from the iconic Times Square building to the United Nations headquarters, as a prelude to the voting on a resolution at the UN General Assembly on the need to lift Washington´s unilateral blockade, slated for Nov.2-3.

Our horizon continues to be socialist

Speech delivered by H.E. Miguel M. Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic of Cuba at the closing ceremony of the 22nd International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties at the Convention Center, on October 29, 2022 “Year 64 of the Revolution”.

Dear comrades,

Brothers and sisters of struggle,

The blockade remains in place and intact

New York, 28 October 2022.  The measures on Cuba announced last 16 May by the government of Joseph Biden regarding the coercive design imposed during the mandate of Donald Trump have a very limited nature. The blockade remains in place and intact.

Here are some examples:

Along with the economic war, the U.S. government has unleashed a media war against Cuba

New York, 27 October 2022.  The genocidal and hostile U.S. policy against Cuba is a broad system of unilateral coercive measures, with a wide extraterritorial spectrum.

It is not a bilateral conflict, as they pretend to show. Nor does it affect only the Cuban government; on the contrary, it is aimed at harming our population as a means of overthrowing the Cuban revolutionary government.