Cuba in UN

Cuba reiterates call to stop Israel's genocide against the Palestinian people.

During the open debate of the United Nations Security Council on "The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question", Cuba expressed that it is time to stop Israel's genocide against the Palestinian people, while it reiterated its unequivocal demand for an immediate ceasefire and an end to warlike rhetoric.

Third South Summit: a platform from the South and for the South.

«La presidencia cubana de ese Grupo, que ocupó desde enero de 2023 hasta este momento, se propuso esencialmente eso: primero fortalecer los principios en que está sustentado el Grupo de los 77, que son la solidaridad y la unidad, en medio de la inmensa diversidad que distingue a los 134 países miembro», enfatizó.

Cuba reiterates its firm and unwavering adherence to the principle of "one China".

Cuba's position is consistent with United Nations General Assembly´s resolution 2758 of October 25th, 1971, and with the position of the overwhelming majority of the international community that officially recognises the People's Republic of China as the only and legitimate representative of all the Chinese people.