Liberia-Cuba Solidarity Movement repudiates new attacks against the island.

Monrovia, December 7th, 2020 - Today, on the anniversary of the fall in combat of Antonio Maceo, the Liberia-Cuba solidarity group issued an official statement condemning the new campaign of aggression and provocation against Cuba financed and organized by the United States with the aim of destabilizing the Cuban people and sowing chaos.

Members of the Liberia-Cuba Solidarity Association participate in the Virtual Meeting "Solidarity vs Blockade.

Monrovia, November 17, 2020 - This Tuesday, members of the Liberia-Cuba Friendship Association participated in the virtual meeting "Solidarity vs. Blockade" in which they condemned the damages caused by the genocidal measure of the United States to the right to education of the Cubans.

Measures imposed by US Government against FINCIMEX harm the Cuban people.

The inclusion of Fincimex in the list of restricted entities of the US State Department in June last, as well as the Treasury Department’s modifications to the regulations for the control of Cuban assets announced on Friday, October 23, will prevent remittances to Cuba through US companies with general licenses, which will directly harm the Cuban people and their relatives in the US.  

Doing so in the middle of a pandemic corroborates the US government’s cynicism, opportunism and contempt for the Cuban people.


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